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Our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process utilizes the latest technology to enhance the design and construction process. We use 3D modeling and virtual reality to create a virtual representation of the project, allowing for better visualization, communication, and collaboration among team members. By identifying and resolving issues in the design phase, we can save time and money and reduce the risk of delays and rework.

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Coordinate completely

Avoid clashes

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Virtual Design

Our Services

Water Supply System

• Exploration of source
• Treatment and distribution
• Central hot water generation and supply
• Solar hot water system

Storm Water Drainage system

• Collection and disposal
• Rain water Harvesting

Sewerage System

• Collection and disposal
• Treatment and Disposal in Eco Friendly manner

Swimming pool piping, Heating & treatment


• HT/LT lines design
• Sub-station design
• Internal electrification
• TV/Tel wiring
• HT/LT panel design
• Building Audit


Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help construction professionals to bring idea from concept to construction with coordinated and consistent model based approach. 3D integration services provide integration between the various design and engineering disciplines. This allows all project partners (different design disciplines, the customer, contractor, specialists and suppliers) to work collaboratively using a single shared 3D BIM model and create the building in a coordinated environment. This guarantees that everyone is focused on achieving best value, from concept to completion. Clash detection, Quantity Take off, Documentation and Working Drawings. Implementation of BIM services is not only for 3D visualization but to implement its outcomes to real task i.e. cost estimation, 4D simulation etc. to enhance efficiency, productivity & profitability.

Plumbing System

• Distribution of water Supply to Appliances
• Collection & Conveyance of Domestic waste from appliances & Disposal to the External system

Fire Suppression System

• Sprinkler System
• Wet Hydrant System
• Gas based flooding system etc.
• Building Audit

Irrigation System

• Sprinkler Irrigation & drip irrigation

Utility Piping

• Compressed air piping, Vacuum piping, LN, Nitrogen piping, cooling towers piping etc.

HVAC System

• Exhaust System Design.
• Heat load Calculations.
• Selection the Type of AC system.
• Ventilation System.
• Basement ventilation system.